Tracy Bunnell Fox is a photographer and painter who finds herself drawn to themes of memory, nostalgia, collection and encapsulating moments. Her work is often connected to observing texture, light, and shadow.  Photography has become as much about alternative ways of seeing the world, as it has about collecting small moments and archiving memory touchstones.

After earning a BFA in Photography from Maryland Institute College of Art, she expanded her traditional photography into digital investigations and received an MFA in Digital Imaging from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  As part of her MFA thesis, she defined the phrase “Memory Vessel” in her art-making vocabulary to mean an object that contains a story, history and past. Using her archived moments as building blocks, her digital collages aim to layer disparate memory moments into emotive visual stories.

Outside of her studio, Tracy creates online training for large corporations and healthcare organizations. She has taught college students as an adjunct professor and is currently inspiring 3rd-8th graders to tell stories with stop-motion animation. Motivated by her belief that art experiences for children are paramount to learning, she coordinated cultural arts programming at two local schools.  She is co-president of ARTsee, an artist collective in NJ that builds camaraderie among artists while promoting a vibrant local arts community.

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