This series workshops introduces student to digital tools to explore and expand their age appropriate story telling skills and language art literacy.  Using a school define topic or theme the students will turn small written poems, informational essays or short stories into moving animations.  STEM turns into a STEAM experience for all students who, regardless of their artistic confidence, as they learn to create movement with drawn elements and found objects.  

Students will work together through the creative process of seeing an inspiration/idea turned into a completed product.  Using storyboard techniques, they will illustrate their personal or collaborative topic into a visual outline learning how to create a storyboard.  Becoming the Creative Directors, they will create the animation “characters” and learn basic animation techniques to create their moving story.  Encouraging creative thinking and problem solving throughout the project they will work in pairs or small groups to record their animation along with their voice narration. Understanding the basic mathematic behind translating a single frame/drawing into full length movie.   This workshop will promote collaboration and partnership skills important to character education goals, as well as encourage student to work on their descriptive vocabulary to constructively explain or respond to each other’s work, reinforcing new visual art vocabulary. 

A culminating animation showcase can be planned at the end of the residency to celebrate the students work and experience.
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lext above - and I will add you to my mailing list. My list infos of my work, give you a peek into my art-making process. I also highlight new work and the story behind my creative work.


The focus of my series often bubble up. The seasons often influence me. In the winter, snow textures and weather often create more monochromatic images. In the spring - colors, blooms and warmer light push me to create images with more complexity, pattern and color.

Through the lens, I can create shapes and angles, turning light into form. Cropping in on a subject allows me to focus in on details that could otherwise go unnoticed.

My series often develop when I look through the images in my camera roll. If I see a trend or composition appear over and over, it encourages me to look for this type of shot again to see if I can improve it.

To explore the combination of line and image I have worked to create compositons with drawn elements and also layered images to create digital collage combinations.

These images represent series in progress / some of the recent series I have worked to develop.



Character education, Social studies, and science topics turn children into the teachers and role models.   Creative writing topics can be a lot of fun to illustrate that students forget they are learning organizational skills.  Writing prompt are created for each workshop series in collaboration with the teachers and principal.

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